family photo of clay wagner with his wife and three dogs


Clay Wagner, businessman and lifelong Republican, was raised on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  After graduating from Mississippi State University, he soon returned home and started a long and successful career at Hancock Whitney Bank. 

Now a husband, father, grandfather, and retired Senior Vice President, Clay is ready to help South Mississippi create more occupational opportunities, protect conservative freedoms, and listen to individuals of the Fourth Congressional District. Wagner’s four decades of business experience create a track record of success that shows the difference he can make in serving the people of south Mississippi.

Clay Wagner has spent his free time in public service. He has served as the Gulf Coast Chamber Foundation Chair, United Way of South Mississippi Board member, Chairman of the Hancock County Chamber Board, and member of the Red Cross Board. His passion for the outdoors is shown through his service as a Commissioner of the Mississippi Wildlife Fisheries and Parks and memberships of the Nature Conservancy Board, National Oceans and Applied Research Center Board, and the National Rifle Association. 

Clay Wagner never had intentions of running for public office. Over time, a frustration that capable leaders were not stepping up to lead and a desire to see Mississippi change for the better started a fire in Clay to make a difference. With the encouragement and prayers from family and friends, as well as peers in the business community, Wagner knew the best thing he could do for Mississippi was run for Congress. 


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Clay Wagner knocking on doors to field questions from voters.